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Ratu Spa


Spa services designed to energize your soul. Our spa treatments blend ancient wisdom with modern wellness to deliver good-for-your benefits. Time to disconnect and recharge, in that order. The sounds of the waves running beneath you, panoramic views of the ocean stretching ahead, and gentle soothing music will bathe your senses and lull you into a state of relaxed bliss. Spa facilities: two treatment rooms with ocean view and bathtub.

Reserve enough time for your treatment so that you can devote these precious moments to look after yourself. Have a shower before your treatment as it will help loosen muscles and absorb more benefit from the treatment.


 SASAK MASSAGE, 60 minutes

Traditional body massage to relax and boost your blood circulation. The technique massage is a combination of long kneading movement, stretching, acupressure, foot and head massage.


BODY SCRUB, 60 minutes

Customized body scrub to address which area of your skin needs removal of dead skin, nourishing the skin and improving blood circulation.




Stone used in ancient rituals have an important place in spa culture, namely to heal and restore vitality. The warmth of the stones, along with various massage techniques relieve muscle tension, stimulate circulation and improve joint mobility.


AROMA MASSAGE, 60 minutes

This healing therapy uses top-grade essential oil blends and highly volatile aroma compounds that are extracted from the various parts of plants. Designed for a wholesome face, scalp and body massage to promote serenity and relaxation.

REFLEXOLOGY, 60 minutes

An ancient Chinese and Egyptian healing art using pressure point techniques on the hands and feet that represent internal organs. Stimulating the body’s nerve endings induces balance and a sense of wellness.



This treatment is ideal for relieving back muscle tension and discomfort by massaging the neck and shoulder area.



Open daily from 10:00 to 20:00,  last booking at 18:00

For reservation :

T: +62 370 619 8999

WA: +62 818 1848 4737

E: reservation@rajavillalombok.com